• Green energy solutions for the telecommunications industry. An innovative and cost effective technology which provides a replacement for Diesel generators for a clean and reliable energy source.

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Procurement of technical services. 

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Hydrogen System

Our vision in the development of Hydrogen generator systems is to reduce the dependency upon Foreign Oil

Technology today has evolved to the point where we can utilize the century old science of Electrolysis to: 
     • Improve Fuel Efficiency - increases from 10% to 25%*
     • Elimination of nearly 95% of harmful Green House Gas emissions 
     • Increased engine performance due to more complete fuel burn
     • Reduced periodic maintenance costs 
             a) Oil life is extended by elimination of sludge created by unburned fuel result in greater
                  burn efficiency create cleaner exhaust systems due to no longer having unburned carbon deposits
     • Extended service life of your vehicle and diesel engine
     • Reducing carbon build-up on the fuel injectors has been scientifically proven to increase engine life.  

      In the development of our system, we utilized the FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY in the design which was developed and utilized by NASA for the Space Program, separating us from other companies producing similar products.  Only PURE DISTILLED WATER is used with the electrolyte in our system.Our Separator Cell Electrolyzer, the heart of our system, is constructed with proprietary metals, special membrane material and EDPM gaskets. There are two stacks consisting of five cells each. Unique cooling of the water containers maintains constant temperatures thereby eliminating any formation of steam.